Capsule réutilisable Nespresso® Vertuo 70 ml // Capsule et kit | Eco-capsules

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Capsule réutilisable Nespresso® Vertuo 70 ml // Capsule et kit

Capsule réutilisable Nespresso® Vertuo 70 ml // Capsule et kit

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  • Produits de qualité professionnelle

  • Livraison GRATUITE en France et dans toute l'Europe


Cette capsule réutilisable Nespresso® avec kit, compatible avec la machine à café Vertuo et Delonghi, est ce qu’il faut avoir pour rendre l’utilisation de votre machine à café optimale et commode. Comme elle est résistante et durable, il ne suffit que de la nettoyer pour la réutiliser à nouveau. Donc non seulement vous faites des économies mais vous prenez aussi soin de notre belle planète 🌸🍃

D’ailleurs, la capsules réutilisable Nespresso est particulièrement facile à laver et à entretenir.  Elle deviendra votre meilleur allié pendant vos pauses café.


☕ Nos capsules réutilisables sont conçues en acier inoxydable 304. Elles sont :

  • Résistants
  • Faciles à nettoyer
  • Durables

🍃 Notre capsule Vertuo possède de nombreux avantages :

  • Compatible avec les machines à café Vertuo
  • Simple à utiliser avec son système unique
  • Une mousse encore plus onctueuse avec le nouveau filtre
  • Encore plus facile à nettoyer

Plusieurs options sont disponibles :

  • 1 Capsule réutilisable vendue seule
  • Kit - 1 Capsule avec sa Presse à café

La capsule comprend :

  • 1 Capsule à café rechargeable en inox 304 de qualité professionnelle, compatible avec les machines à café Nespresso Vertuo 
  • 1 Dosette de remplissage
  • 1 pinceau de nettoyage

La Capsule réutilisable Nespresso® Vertuo 70 ml est compatible 
avec les machines à café suivantes :

  • Nespresso Vertuo (GCA1)
  • Nespresso Vertuo Plus
  • Delonghi ENV135
  • Delonghi ENV150

En plus de la poudre de café, vous pouvez également utiliser différents ingrédients, tels que le lait en poudre et le chocolat, pour mieux utiliser votre machine à café. Réalisez vos propres recettes et dégustez une boisson à votre image.

  • Économisez jusqu'à -75€ / kilo de café consommé.

    La capsule est amortie en 1 mois seulement. 

  • Dégustez un café d'exception grâce à nos capsules en acier inoxydable. 

    Fini les particules chimiques présentes dans les capsules classiques jetables.

  • Choisissez vous-même votre café et changez quand vous voulez !  

    Dégustez le café que vous désirez vraiment et à votre image.


  • Livraison GRATUITE en France et dans toute l'Europe

  • Produits de qualité professionnelle

  • Livraison soignée en 14-20 jours.

Paiement 100% sécurisé

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Why use reusable capsules?

After water, coffee is the second most consumed drink in France. According to statistics, a French person consumes an average of 6 kg of coffee per year. This explains why France is in the Top 10 countries considered to be "the biggest consumers" in the world. In fact, coffee plays an essential role in the national economy today, and with good reason. With the price of coffee and the machine that prepares it, the French devote a significant budget to this beverage every year. The arrival on the market of the famous reusable capsules has not helped matters. They have undeniably revolutionised consumption, as they allow you to obtain a perfectly dosed coffee, with impeccable flavours and which does not dry quickly. And all this in no time at all, because pods are not only expensive for the consumer's wallet, they're also good for the environment. Fortunately, there is a solution: reusable capsules. 


According to The Guardian, the world consumes more than two billion pods every year; about 500 million of which are consumed in France alone. This is equivalent to more than 4 million capsules bought per day, and more than 60 pods bought per second, but the impact this has on the environment is disastrous and cannot be ignored. Of course, because they are made of aluminum, the capsules are recyclable. But despite the collection program put in place by Nespresso to avoid this environmental scourge, according to the figures given by the Swiss brand, only 20% of them have so far been returned for recycling. 75% of them still end up in the trash, which in the end amounts to tons of waste per year.Opting for a reusable nespresso capsule is an eco-responsible act. This reusable pod offers a major advantage: it can be refilled. It is therefore not necessary to throw it away after use. It is easy to maintain and can be used several times. Buying it also means helping to limit the accumulation of waste in the world, one pod at a time. 


It is true that the unit pod is not expensive: 0.37 euros on average. But given the number of capsules that we use every day, a French person can spend up to 630 euros a year on coffee capsules alone. That's quite a lot when you know that without them you would just spend on coffee, which amounts to 0.09 euros each. By using a reusable capsule, there is no need to buy a pod every time. So, instead of spending 0.37 euros per cup, you just have to buy the coffee. You will save around 0.28 euros, a saving of 65% on your annual coffee consumption. As a concrete example, it will look like this: if you drink 3 cups of coffee every day, you will save €0.84 per day; that is €25.2 per month; and €306.6 per year.

If you liked the pod for its ergonomics, you're just going to love the reusable capsule. In addition to being more ecological and economical, it is also very ergonomic. Its use has been studied to be as easy as possible. 

To refill it, simply open the Eco-capsule, fill it with the ground coffee of your choice (type 4 grind, neither too fine nor too coarse), then close it and you're done! When the coffee is ready, just open it to remove the coffee grounds. Note that the reusable capsule is also very easy to maintain. Rinsing it with clean water is more than enough to clean it. Its ease of use is not the only advantage that users love about it. Many consumers also appreciate the fact that the coffee grounds can be recovered after use. Indeed, it is important to know that it can be used for many things: to make a beauty mask, to make candles, to create an anti-cellulite mask, etc. It is also known to be a natural repellent that can be used in the vegetable garden, and to be a powerful deodorant. 


Pods are often blamed for being overdosed with caffeine. Studies have shown that they contain 4 times more than normal. Although this is not the case with all capsules, by using a reusable pod, any doubt and danger is removed. Since the consumer has the possibility to dose the amount of coffee to put in the pod himself, he can therefore limit his exposure to caffeine himself if he wishes to do so. On the other hand, the reusable Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Vertuo & Illy capsules have been specifically manufactured with a stainless steel alloy. They are therefore not only easy to care for, but also pose no danger to the consumer's health. This is because they cannot change the nature of the food they contain.


One of the main advantages of the Nespresso pod is the possibility of tasting a wide variety of ground coffee. Using a refillable capsule does not deprive you of this prerogative. Quite the contrary! With a pod that can be refilled according to your needs and desires, the possibilities are no longer limited by the availability of pods on the shelves. The reusable pod can be used with all types of coffee and powdered products such as powdered milk, matcha powder for making café latte, matcha latte, cappuccino and all your favourite recipes.

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